Tama Starclassic Performer Flashback

FlashBack is the name TAMA has bequeathed to the limited-edition Starclassic Performer kits featuring '60s-style classic wraps. Only the finishes are memory-lane items, however. Everything else is today the virgin bass drum, the Star-Cast mounting system and the TAMA heavy-duty shell hardware. Shell pack only. Cymbal stands and cymbals not included.

Tama Starclassic Performer Flashback 4-Piece Shell Kit Features:

  • 100% birch shells
  • Brushed nickel hardware on the Psych Red Oyster Kit
  • Black nickel hardware on the Citrus Mod Oyster Kit
  • New Fusion configuration
  • 22" x 18" bass drum (no mount)
  • 10" x 8" and 12" x 9" toms
  • 14" x 12" floor tom

Spaun Custom Drumset

Spaun Drums are hand-crafted from 100%, 8-ply maple shells. With a thickness of less than 1/4" (5.5mm), our shells produce a deep and resonant note with great projection and articulation. From 6" rack toms to 18" floor toms, 8" snares to 26" kick drums, our 8-ply shells remain constant throughout.
At Spaun Drum Company, they do not use reinforcement rings. The addition of reinforcement rings into a drum shell disrupts the way in which a shell naturally wants to vibrate. They raise pitch, reduce sustain, and often create discordant overtones.The most critical part of the drum sound is determined by the bearing edge. Many drum companies rely on expensive machinery that lacks the perception of the human eye. At Spaun Drum Company, each bearing edge is cut, checked, double-checked, and recut if needed to insure a consistent and flat edge.
What matters most with the bearing edge is how much wood touches the drum head and where it touches. Many drum companies talk about "X degree angle" on this drum and "Y degree angle" on that drum. The truth is, that makes no difference in the sound of the drum unless it changes... how much wood touches the drum head and where it touches! Most drum companies use a single 45 degree bearing edge with a slight round over or counter-cut, if any at all. It works okay and is easy to program a machine to do the job. Here's the problem: the bearing edge rests on the collar of the drum head instead of the flat surface of the drum head!
Spaun Drums feature a Double 45 degree Bearing Edge which insures proper drum head alignment and puts the bearing edge where it's supposed to be... on the flat surface of the drum head, not the collar! This promotes both easier tuning as well as a broader tuning range. Tired of over-tightening your drum heads just to get proper seating? Now you won't have to!
We know what your thinking... two edges must take twice as much work. You're right! It's critical to the sound of your drum, and absolutely worth the extra effort!

Sonor Delite Drumset

With the Delite Drum Series Sonor is offering exclusive drums for the sound enthusiast.With uncompromising quality, acoustically advanced drum shell construction and optimal design features this is a true Premium Class drum series.
The extremely thin and thus lightweight VMS Vintage Maple Shells are made according to the unique CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Shell Compression System. Only high grade, aged U. S. rock maple wood is used ensuring outstanding resonance across all frequency levels and maximum sound output.
Sonor´s accclaimed prism clamps on bass drum spurs, tom and floor tom mounts and on tom holder brackets (TAR) offer high dependability even under extreme playing conditions.
According to latest scientific research both APS Advanced Projection System and the newly designed TAR Total Acoustic Resonance tom holder system form a perfect unit, which fully preserves the drums vibration energy.
Sonor Delite Drums are available in 6 attractive high gloss lacquer finishes: 3 exclusive natural wood finishes and 3 high gloss solid lacquer finishes.

Roland V-Drums V-Pro set

With the V-Pro™ Series TD-20S-BK, Roland improves upon the industry-standard V-Drums® by starting from the ground up. At the heart of this flagship set is the TD-20 module with new sounds and functions, superb expressiveness and in-depth V-Editing. The patented mesh pads now feature great dynamic range and natural rim shot triggering, along with a new look and stunning black finish. The TD-20S-BK also features Roland’s amazing new V-Hi-Hat™ and a new drum stand designed to hide the cabling. With this powerful new combination of pads and hardware, the V-Pro Series TD-20S-BK lets drummers express themselves more naturally and with more realism than ever before!

GMS Grand Master Drumset

GMS drums are made up of select 8-ply North American Maple. We do not graduate the thickness of the shell as the diameter gets larger. Through extensive research, we've decided that 8-ply shells performed best all around the kit. Thinner shells (without reinforcement rings) have a tendency to be too thin to handle the vibrations in all dynamic situations. They can distort at higher volume levels, and also are weak, because of the thinness of the body. Some companies use thin shells in conjunction with reinforcement hoops, to stabilize the shell. Reinforcement hoops give a shell thicker tops and bottoms. The result is that the thicker edges resonate at different frequencies than the body of the shell. Through our testing, we found that we prefer the resonance of the straight shell, where the whole shell resonates as one. We've found that the 8-ply shell offered all the properties we were looking for: thin enough for wide tonal ranges; strong enough to not need reinforcement hoops, but not too thick to raise the frequency to a higher pitch. If the shell is too thick, you raise the pitch (just as thicker cymbals have a higher pitch). So, if you make your floor toms and bass drum thicker, and you raise the pitch of the shell.
Also, all GMS 8ply maple shells are cross laminated for strength. We use a staggered seam constuction so none of the ply seams line up on each other. This produces the best shell available today.

Ludwig Stainless Steel Limited Edition

Only 100 of these Ludwig Stainless Steel Limited Edition Drum kits will be available worldwide, and only 50 will be offered in the U.S.. We just got these in and only have 2 left! A timeless tribute to Led Zeppelin's John Bonham, these drums are awesome to play and an incredible addition to any rock 'n roll hound's collection.
Manufactured by master drum builder Ron Dunnett, the stunning 100% stainless steel shells include: a massive 26 x 14 bass drum with the classic L1372 Shell Mount Cymbal Holder; 3 oversize toms for crushing fills; and a slamming 6-1/2 x 14 Supra Phonic steel snare drum.
The rock-solid 900 series hardware includes a bass pedal, hi-hat, snare stand, and 3 cymbal stands - 2 boom and one straight.
Details such as the one-piece lug on the mounted tom and classic lugs on the bass and floor toms capture the spirit of this amazing instrument.
Ludwig Stainless Steel Limited Edition 5-Piece Drum Set with Hardware Features:
* 26 x 14 bass * 15 x 12 mounted tom * 16 x 16 and 18 x 16 floor toms * 6-1/2 x 14 Supra-phonic snare
900 series double braced hardware includes:
* Single bass drum pedal * Hi-hat stand * Snare stand * 2 boom, one straight, and one shell-mounted cymbal stand
The amazing looks of these drums are equaled by their massive sounds.

ddrum Dominion

Ddrum acoustic kits are fairly new to the industry but making waves! This kit is by far the best kit I have owned and played. With the suspended toms and heavy heavy duty hardware I couldn't pass up such a good deal on a six ply maple shell package. The kit plays nice and looks custom so it makes you stand out at any concert.
the spec are 6-Ply 100% Maple Shells, Gloss Lacquer Finishes, D-Spension Tom Mounts and Virgin (undrilled) Bass Drums, Die-Cast Hoops tom toms & snare drum. Drums included: 18"X22" Kick, 8"X10" and 9"X12" Mounted Toms, 14"X16" Floor Tom and 5.5"X14" Snare. and Agenda 300 Pro Hardware package